I Will Rewrite the Dead End Novel

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[First of all, I’ll get rid of this psycopath]

That’s right, I was reincarnated.

However, who was I in my past life?
I have no memory of that.

The only thing I remember is,
This guy’s face that was infront of my eyes.

The day when I was born as a wizard’s test subject.
He was born together with me.

Strangely enough,
This guy seems to know more about my past life than me.

In this dead end novel,
He’s the only one I can trust and rely on but…

In order to live,
I have to run away from him.

He murders the main character’s entire family in the future.
He’s a psycopath who’ll become the greatest villain.

After some time passed…

Finally free from his grasp, I thought I’d be able to live peacefully…

“You heartlessly abandoned me.”

At last, he found me.

“Did you have fun playing hide and seek with me?”

He’s more crazier now as compared to the past.