Record of the heavenly demon’s comeback

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A worst of the worst prodigy that no one can face. The limitless evil spirit, Dan Woo Hyun. He thought he would reign over this world forever. Until he was sealed in Dong Jung Lake due the Eight Noble Ones who protect the mortal world… Time flows to a thousand years later. A thousand years was enough for Dan Woo Hyun to lose his bloodthirst. Solitude with no familiar face left in the changed world, all that’s left are dispirit and emptiness. “As the wind flows, time flows as well. There’s really nothing left.” The girl who appeared in front of the Dan Woo Hyun with no goal nor the will to live. Hwa So Mi. Dan Woo Hyun emphasizes with the girl who had no one to lean on and begins to open his heart. “I’m Dan Woo Hyun. Let’s go together.”